Here are some answers to some of the most common questions we receive. If you don't find your question answered here, don't hesitate to contact us.

How many children currently live at Agua de Vida and what are their ages?
Currently there are over 30 children living at Agua de Vida.  There ages range from 1 to 16. This does not include our own four children, Stephanie, Michelle, Kevin, Nathan, and Natalia nor the children of our staff.

Where do the children of Agua de Vida come from?
While each child has his or her own unique story, most come to Agua de Vida Orphanage via the Mexican social services agency, DIF. These children are removed from their homes for reasons of neglect, abuse and abandonment. Each story is uniquely heartbreaking but it is amazing to watch as God brings restoration to each child, speaking promise and destiny into their lives.  There is a waiting list of kids waiting to come to casa hogar "Agua de Vida" orphanage.

Can I come volunteer?
We would love it if you came and volunteered. We take all the help we can get. There is always so much to do so we ask that you come with a servant's heart and a willingness to work. For more information
contact us.

Do the children go to school at Agua de Vida?
Our children attend public school here in town. Our goal is to someday soon construct a school on our property so that our children can learn in a loving, constructive and Christ-centered environment.
Contact us if you'd like to help with this project.

Can I adopt a child from Agua de Vida?
Unfortunately, the children at Agua de Vida are not available for adoption.

Can I send clothes and supplies?
Donations are always welcome at Agua de Vida. We do ask, however, that donors be thoughtful when donating pre-used toys and clothing. While the need is great and we are ever-grateful, we don't want to take responsibility for throwing away your trash. Please make sure donations are in good condition.

What are the immediate needs at the orphanage?
With a family of 30+ the needs of the orphanage are constantly changing. They range from fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, and cleaning supplies to large-scale building projects. We try to maintain a an up to date
Needs List here on the website but you may want to contact us for more specific information.

Where does the Orphanage receive its funding?
Agua de Vida Orphanage is completely and solely funded through the generous donations of its supporters. Agua de Vida receives NO funding from the Mexican government.

Are my donations tax deductible?
Agua de Vida Orphanage is a ministry of A House of Prayer Faith Missions Ministry (AHOPFMM). The Internal Revenue Service recognizes AHOPFMM as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and as such all donations are tax deductible to the legal extent. More information can be found on our
Donations page.

Is it safe to visit Mexico?
We are well aware of the sensational coverage the international media has given Mexico recently. Unfortunately, the drug trade and the violence that comes along with it has long existed in Mexico. Most of this violence has been concentrated in the cities of Tijuana and Juarez. By contrast Cuidad Morelos, the town in which the orphanage is located is far removed from both of these places. Our property is a fully enclosed and locked compound and we take care to ensure both our orphanage family and visitors remain safe and comfortable. For those truly concerned about the safety of visiting Mexico, we recommend they visit the
U.S. Dept. of State Mexican Consular website and prayerfully consider the work that God has called us to.

Do I need a Passport to visit Mexico?
As of June 1, 2009, a passport (or a passport card) is required for all travelers entering the U.S. 16 and up. Travelers under the age of sixteen must present an original county birth certificate along with some other for of ID. For more information about passport requirements please visit the U.S. State Dept. website or for information on how to apply for a passport, please visit the Bureau of Consular Affairs.

Where is the orphanage located?
Agua de Vida Orphanage is located in the town of Morelos, Baja California Mexico, about 40 min. southwest of Yuma, Arizona. We also maintain a US mailing address at: P. O. Box 369 Hunting Beach, CA 92648. Please
contact us for more information.